Susila Bailey-Bond was born in Leeds in 1972 to bohemian parents, the family moved between the Welsh mountains, Suffolk, India and other points in between. For a time Susila lived within an arts community on a rural farm, and spent her time drawing, painting and creating 'things'. All of this led naturally to art college, and then a fashion degree from Nottingham Trent University in 1998.


Having spent a number of years working in the fashion industry initially as a buyer and designer, in 2009 Susila finally left the corporate fashion world and combined her art, craft, and design skills to create beautiful, serene pieces, in a variety of mediums. 


Susila Bailey-Bond's delicate three-dimensional artworks suggest tranquility as well as movement, with printed paper cuts of butterflies, dragonflies, leaves, and flowers, all gracing the canvas in a flurry of soft colours and shapes. 

Susila also uses recycled aluminium cans as a medium. These materials are 'sourced' directly from the London streets, once selected these valuable resources are taken back to the studio & after being thoroughly cleaned and processed Susila cuts, scores, and sprays the discarded materials into shape, creating  artworks from what is essentially land-fill.

This website also shows examples of Susila's mixed media work where she plays on elements of surprise using 1000's of plastic tubes to isolate an image from the viewer except when the artwork is seen from certain angles.


Susila's work is regularly exhibited at major art fairs across the USA, London, Europe and Aisa. She has had two solo shows at Woolff Gallery, and has exhibited in a number of European group exhibitions. Her work appears in private and corporate collections across the globe.

Clients include Tiffany & Co, Davidoff, the Great Elephant Parade, her work was included in the book 'Papercraft II', published by Gestalten, and has also appeared in periodicals such as Living Etc, Bliss, Vogue, Arts Vice, B magazine, as well as numerous online blogs. Susila currently lives and works in London.





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